UHN website redesign mockups on laptop and mobile

Client: University Health Network

Role: Design

Challenge: The University Health Network is a large academic healthcare organization with a complex website. Containing a massive amount of content, the website is confusing and visually overwhelming. The current website design focuses on organizational priorities, missing a valuable opportunity to create a user-friendly experience for patients and families. Patients and families are most likely to be unfamiliar with the organization and experiencing stressful health-related situations, making the website a crucial touchpoint to the organization. For this reason, the redesign focuses on patients and families as the priority user.

Solution: The redesign makes the website visually accessible, user-friendly and modern. A toned-down, simplified approach allows content to be the focus of attention and reduces clutter. In addition, a simplified design allows for flexibility to accommodate the many different types of content found throughout the website. The current strategy of segmenting the website by user type (patients, health professionals, research, education) makes it easy for users to find the right information but can be further emphasized to improve navigation. The website redesign includes desktop and mobile versions.

Establishing the design direction

Design mockups for mobile

Design mockups for desktop