Client: University Health Network

Role: Design, user research

Challenge: The University Health Network (UHN) maintains a collection of 1200+ educational brochures written by staff for patients and families. The collection has grown over many years to include a variety of formats published in print and online, and in multiple languages. The previous design of the brochures was outdated, not easily adaptable to a growing range of content, and no longer met the needs of this large collection of documents.

Solution: The new brochure design needed to be highly readable, accessible, and flexible but consistent across different formats and content types. It was also important to involve patients in the redesign process. Design research was done to establish the initial directions for the prototypes. User research and co-design methods were then used to refine the prototypes and come up with a finished product that met user needs. 

User research

Surveys were conducted with current and former UHN patients to understand their health information needs and habits. The results of these surveys were used to design three prototype brochures. Several patient and staff focus groups provided feedback on the prototypes. This feedback was then used to produce a final design and set of standards for the new brochures. The new design is currently being implemented across UHN’s brochure collection, both in print and online.

Final designs